Collecting debugging data with sosreport

A detailed archive of system logs and configuration files is needed to analyze various failures, hang-ups or simply incorrect behavior of the controller.

A convenient tool for collecting such an archive is the package sosreport.


The sosreport and sysstat packages must be installed well in advance of data collection.


  1. Install sosreport and sysstat packages:

sudo apt install sosreport sysstat
  1. Activate sysstat:

  • Edit the file /etc/defaults/sysstat so that it has the line ENABLED=true:

sudo nano /etc/defaults/sysstat
  1. Start the service with the commands:

sudo systemctl enable sysstat
sudo systemctl start sysstat

Collecting data after a crash


Data collection should be performed as soon as possible after a failure.

Collect the data with the command:

sudo sosreport - a

This will create an archive of data that can be sent to support.