Armbian Linux


Add Armbian Linux install manual

First launch

To configure the controller when it is first started or after reflashing it, you can do the following:

  • Over the Ethernet network

  • Through the console


To configure the controller over Ethernet, connect the controller to a local network with a DHCP server configured and running. Determine a new IP address for the controller (the controller’s MAC address is listed on the bottom of the controller enclosure). For example, in Mikrotik routers you can do this in the menu IP → DHCP Server → Leases. Then connect to the controller using any ssh-client, for example putty for Windows <>.


To connect via console, refer to the UART Console section (see documentation for your device).


The default password for the root user is 1234, but older firmware used jethome80100.

At the first startup you will be prompted:

  • Set a new password for the user root

  • If the controller is connected to a network with Internet access, the time zone, language for the system and keyboard layout will be automatically determined

  • Next, you will be prompted to register a new user in the system and set a password for it (it is recommended to do this) You can skip entering the user data by pressing Enter when asked about the full user name



Add instructions for upgrading the system, take into account older revisions that do not support do-release-upgrade