How to erase NVMEM with Zigbee2MQTT

NVMEM (NVRAM) - Non-volatile memory that is used to store the Zigbee Coordinator settings.


This method only works if you have installed Zigbee2MQTT in Linux (not the HA addon).

  1. Stop Service zigbee2mqtt:

sudo systemctl stop zigbee2mqtt
  1. Go to the directory with Zigbee2MQTT installed:

cd /opt/zigbee2mqtt
  1. Run the command to erase NVMEM:

node scripts/zStackEraseAllNvMem.js <PORT>

where <PORT> is the port of your Zigbee coordinator. This is usually /dev/ttyACM0 for stick or /dev/ttyUSB0 for controllers.

  1. Restart the stick/module.


This step must be performed necessarily, otherwise the stick/module will not work.