Software for Zigbee sticks and modules based on Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 chip

Firmware selection


You can find the current firmware image for your device here: JetHome firmware portal.

For Zigbee operation for JetHome devices on a Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 chip, it is recommended to use the firmware Zigbee Coordinator Firmware EFR32MG21.

This firmware adds support for two LEDs to indicate stick modes:

  • green LED blinks when new Zigbee devices are connected

  • red LED blinks when receiving data


Firmware files with sw in the filename use software flow control XON/XOFF.


Third party firmware may not be compatible or supported by JetHome devices. Therefore, operation of JetHome devices with third-party firmware is not guaranteed.

Use only the recommended firmware!

UART parameters

  • The operating speed is 57600 or 115200 Bits/sec (specified in the firmware file name). If no speed is specified, then 115200 Bits/sec speed is used.