1-Wire in Home Assistant

To work with 1-Wire devices in Home Assistant, there is a standard 1-Wire integration that you can install through the Home Assistant Web interface.

Temperature sensors DS18B20 DS18S20 as well as other devices are supported.

The 1-Wire integration works through OWServer, which must be installed on the host system.

Installing OWServer

sudo apt-get install owfs ow-shell

Configuring OWServer


By default, the owserver service runs with test fake 1-Wire devices that need to be disabled and enabled to work with 1-Wire sensors connected to the process GPIOs.

Open the configuration file /etc/owfs.conf:

sudo nano /etc/owfs.conf

Find the line in it and comment it out:

# server: FAKE = DS18S20,DS2405

Add a line to the file:

server: w1

There should now be lines in the configuration file:

server: port = localhost:4304
server: w1

Restart the owserver service:

sudo systemctl restart owserver

Setting up Home Assistant

Add 1-Wire integration to Home Assistant via the Home Assistant Web interface. (See Home Assistant 1-Wire integration)

When setting up the 1-Wire integration, leave the default server settings:

  • Server: localhost

  • Port: 4304

After installing the integration, temperature sensors and other supported devices connected to the controller should appear in the Home Assistant device list.